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If you have something to say, SAY IT!

Write, sing, speak, HOWL… Do what you have to do, to get what you have to say, heard.
My name’s Lex Kimbrough and I’m Ohkami’s voice.
For as long as I can remember I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible about as much as i can (except for politics; they suck), but, the last few years I’ve been more concerned with learning about myself most of all.  Making the transition from an immature high school kid, with no real direction and lots of ideas, to a confident college student, feeling his way around his ambition to become a writer and a film maker has been nothing short of a full on escapade.  I’ve found interests in all kinds of stuff between now and then that have sort of dropped me in the box of “the artsy kid with the crazy hair.” I havn’t figured out how exactly I picked up that label but I’ve learned to embrace it (reluctantly).  I’m not that great at talking about myself so I’m just going to shift the focus to what’s important; OhKami.

OhKami was not my idea… Hard to believe, right? During my freshman year of college I met this amazing guy by the name of Din Mayfield.  Long story short, he lived next door to me in our dorm and we ended up becoming best friends.One day we were sitting around goofing off and screaming at each other while playing an overly intense game of Super Smash Brothers and out of nowhere we came up with the great idea of starting a band… We don’t play any instruments and neither of us are amazing singers so I’m quite sure you can see where that one ended up… Another long story short, we didn’t start a band but Din came up with a name; OhKami…

Ohkami is a sort of play on words… This is the part where i throw in more history (mostly etymology). In Japanese the word Okami means wolf but, it also means God/spirit. I personally have always kind of associated myself with the wolf while Din is a little more spiritual than I am. So, at some random time a while ago I get a text message telling me about his stumbling upon this magical word and how he had this great idea to spell it wrong… OhKami… If we spell it like that it’s like say “Oh God” and “wolf” all at the same time… WHAT A GENIUS! I immediately jumped at it and decided that this was going to be something special. In my head, since i didn’t give birth the Ohkami the least i could do was give her a voice. OhKami’s Voice…

Now that Ohkami has a voice, all she needs now is something to say. That’s where the fun part starts (yay for hearing voices).  Ohkami’s voice is all about telling stories;it’s all about representing life with narrative spread through a few media. Even though Okami has her own voice, mine still exists and they end up being pretty much the same thing. That might have just been a really confusing way to tell u that I’m the brains behind the beast.

Well, if you’ve read this far you definitely deserve a cookie or something but, since I’m not going to give you a cookie then you deserve to know that anyone (especially you) is welcome to throw me some input for anything.  You can leave a comment or send an e-mail to  There will be a few other ways to keep up and stay connected like; twitter, facebook, and whatever else I can think of later so, I’ll update this and let everyone know as soon as I handle that.

Remember that if you have something to say, SAY IT!

Don’t stop howling…

OhKami’s Voice (Lex)

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