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A Date With OhKami’s Voice

February 15, 2011

Hey there interweb people! I’m hoping everyone had a very happy Valentines Day and noone was forced to break any hearts… Usually most bloggers would be diligent in their holiday postings and have pre-holiday well wishes for the world with advice for unconventional ideas to avoid the monotonous nature of “dinner and a movie”. Well, it’s a good thing you’re not reading those blogs right now…

I have a slightly different formula in mind. I figured since this was my very first Valentines Day with an actual date, I wasn’t fully qualified to give pre-vday advice. I know it may be a little sad that for the first twenty years of my life, my mother was the only one sending me heart-felt messages with chocolate kisses and chalky heart messages, but I’m ok with it (mostly). Now that I’ve confessed to the world my romantic inadequacies, I can move on to my redemption.

I’ve always loved taking all the boring, over-done, cliche crap that’s been circulating the planet since the invention of apple pie, and hitting the refresh button. That’s what I’m going to help all of you future vday studs with today…

I’m quite sure every girl in the world has been asked out to dinner and a movie by some guy who they honestly can’t remember what they looked like until he came over to pick them up… So now what we want to do is suprise the pants off of her with your creativity and thoughtfulness. There’s only a few things you’ll need to do…

one of the biggest mistakes most guys make is not paying attention… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met a girl and asked her name only to forget it 30 seconds later due to my short attention span… But after you remember her name and start really talking to each other you should pick up all the tiny details she unknowingly throws out… For example: if she says, “I hate flowers.” or “I’m allergic to chocolate.” DON’T SHOW UP WITH A BOQUET OF ROSES AND A GHIRADELLI SAMPLER! That’s strike one, buddy. Try showing up with some

Step two, BE CREATIVE!!!
Girls love that stuff. Not only will it make her happy; it’ll save you some money if you do it right… If your stuck on getting her a box of chocolates and some flowers then do something interesting with it. I would suggest buying a light colored floral bandanda or scarf (get one of your female or gay friends to help you out if you need have no clue what you’re doing) and some nice individually wrapped chocolates. You should probably taste the chocolates first just to make sure they aren’t too weird. Be simple an don’t get too fancy with the flavors (simple milk chocolate works). Grab a balloon in the shape of a flower or try something new and attempt a few orgami flowers if you feel daring (you can google the instructions). Once you have all of your pieces, stack the chocolates in the scarf and stick the flowers in the middle then tie everything up with the flowers sticking out. I promise she’ll love it (and she might even share the candy with you).

one huge mistake that’s made after dinner is actually going to the movie… Suprised? YES, going to the movies is a mistake… YOU CANT TALK IN A MOVIE THEATER!!! if dinner goes well and you’re having great conversation, don’t stop it. Going somewhere that talking is frowned upon is a bad idea… RENT A MOVIE… Before she gets there find a few great movie choices with a lot of range. There’s nothing worse than planning things out and then throwing on a movie she hates (she won’t be having fun anymore). After dinner you could either go back to your place, turn on the movie, make her a drink, pop some popcorn, and turn it into a theater. OR, if your feeling daring (and you have a bit of money burning a hole in your pocket), go rent a small theater or find a drive in where it can just be the two of you… Now you can talk to each other and if you ever get to one of those akward silences, you can watch the movie… IT’S PERFECT…

It’s time for a recap…
1. Listen
2. Be creative
3. Keep the spark going
There are tons of things you can do to make your night loads of fun and maybe even get a goodnight kiss… But just remember to be yourself… Not every date is going to be perfect and it’s best to just roll with the punches… Think fast and don’t forget to let your date participate in some of the date (that’s why having options is important). Good luck for next year and any future dates… HAVE FUN!!! (that probably should have been the first thing I said)

OhKami’s Voice

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