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Swallowed by X-mas…

December 24, 2010

I feel like I’m missing Christmas… It’s a little past two o’clock in the mornign on christmas eve and I’m feeling really antsy. For a few weeks now I’ve been trying to rush through my days just to get to Christmas morning. I WANT MY PRESENTS! About a week ago my dad calls me and informs me, out of the blue, that he was in the middle of buying my Christmas gift. What?! My dad tells me that he felt that I was mature enough to know what I was getting and he just wanted to know some specifics like what color and which model and stuff like that… Me? Mature? Not usually. He was totally wrong aboout that one.

That phone call threw me totally out of whack. Now all I can think about is playing with my new camera. So when I got back home for the holidays I did what any eager beaver would do (did I really just call myself and “eager beaver”?). I asked my mother for my gift early. I should have asked my dad. My mother stares at me like she was putting me in a jedi choke hold. It was so much worse than getting the stink eye… After releasing me from her visual death grip she denies that I got ANYTHING at all. My mother is such a good liar. The way she said it made me feel like the phone call from my dad never happened or, I wished it never happened.

Ever since then I’ve been bidding my time and rushing through my days like a materialistic zombie. What is wrong with me? Christmas is about being with your family and friends and enjoying all the other amazing stuff; like eggnog. I admit I that I knew this before but, I ignored it totally when I had a flashy new gadget dangling infront of my face. X-mas almost swallowed me whole. I’m glad I’ve got time to still enjoy the holiday but, new toys always help.

Have you ever been swallowed by X-mas? Are gifts getting in the way of all the other great stuff Christmas has to offer? Will Santa ever forgive me!?

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  1. Jasmin permalink
    February 5, 2011 2:37 am

    Your fans want more blogs!

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