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Knee Deep in Christmas Lists?

December 18, 2010

As of today we’re officially knee deep in December. We all know what that means; dropping all of our last minute hints infront of everyone we know who still has a little bit of cash left. For all of you proactive holiday participants, congrats on finishing your shopping in March… Lets just hope whoever you bought that summer weight-loss book for is still chubby. For the last three months I’ve been tryin to decide what I want for christmas. For the first month I did some deep meditating over all of my options. The next month I spent most of my time researching (I take my wishlist seriously). Camcorder or digital SLR? Sony or Canon? MAC or PC? Alien or predator?! Blonde or brunette?! What do I do?! I can’t decide!… Breathe… Now, take a deep breath… Brunette, definitely.

Making this list was such a long and grueling process but, I think I’ve finally finished. This is the part where I grab my favorite crayon, a blank piece of paper, and get down to business… Five minutes later I realize that noone I know can afford any of this stuff. I can’t even afford any of this stuff! Before I go any further I’d like to thank reality for the much appreciated “cup check” (thanks reality, it hurts SO good). After I’ve fallen face first back to earth; now would be a good time to edit this awesome Christmas list (this one doesn’t hurt so good).

Instead of completely trashing the list I figure it may be a bit more lucrative to write two seperate drafts (two thumbs up for great ideas). Now, I have one list for my parents and loved ones and the other for Chris Kringle (that’s Santa). Atleast one person has to come through on something… I hope.

So, instead of keeping these lists in such a small rotation I figured it would be fun to share it with EVERYONE… And, if anyone at all feels obliged enough to make a dream come true, feel free to invest in a little piece of happiness (and by happiness I mean a 46″ Sony internet TV *cough* *cough*). Keep in mind that I asked for almost nothing lasy year and absolutely nothing the year before. *wink*



Sony NEX-VG10 Interchangeable Lens Handycam



46” Sony GOOGLE internet TV



Nikon D7000




15” Macbook pro (with all the fixins)



A girlfriend




Total: $7634.88 (before girlfriend)


Total: $7634000000.88 (after girlfriend)

Everyone Else


Flip Ultra HD Camcorder

$199.99 (Look! I dropped a “9”)


Scott Pilgrim Vs The World on bluray

$22.99 (which I will watch on my old TV)


Fixing the old Canon AE-1 I found in the back of my parents closet from the 70’s

$20 (hopefully)


Prayers for my old PC not to explode… (doubtful)

Free… as far as I know


A hug

($depends on who it’s from… mom=free… friends=?… hooker=$7… let’s avoid the hooker)


Total: $242.98 (before hug)


Total: $249.98 (after hug)


For anyone who was waiting for the word “Priceless” to find its way to the bottom of that list,  I’m sorry (and you can go jump off of something really high). Even though it may be a bit wrong or selfish to ask for gifts when all you can afford is bottom shelf sentiment and a cheap bottle of love, I feel like that’s a fair trade. Besides, its the thought that counts, right?
So… my choices are: wait for santa to cough up almost 8 grand or hope that my loved ones read this and find $250… Christmas morning isn’t looking so lucrative anymore… Loved ones, IM COUNTING ON YOU.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


Don’t stop Howling…
OhKami’s Voice


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  1. LadyK22 permalink
    December 18, 2010 9:28 pm

    I got the hug covered…….now for the rest, well…………


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