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Square Block goes in Square Hole

December 8, 2010
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Last night I sat down and filled out an application for The Gap. Exciting, I know, it gets better. The application was online and, other than it using up way too much of my debatably precious time, was fairly simple. There were the usual required pieces of personal info; name, age, social security number, previous experience, yada yada yada. After you get through all the boring stuff, that’s when the fun part begins. You get to take an ASSESSMENT yaaay… The assessment was about fourty-something questions long with no time limit, but they only gave you fifty five minutes to complete it… I sensesome inconsistency here. The assessment was pretty much to make sure that who ever is applying is not a total idiot, so you would think the test would be really easy… You’d be 100% correct. The test was one step above “square block goes in square hole, round block goes in round hole.”
I finished the assesment within the allotted 55 minute time frame, submitted my application and went on with my life. The next day however (today) I decided to go down to The Gap and see if I could get the manager to pay me some attention. Great idea, right? Right! I walk in, we make introductions and he went to check out my application (which I was quite proud of). He came back after a few minutes and caught me dancing in the middle of the store as Kiss by Prince played over the speakers. Not embarrassing at all. After he finished taking notes on my oober amazing dance moves (which I’m pretty sure can’t do anything but help my chances) he informs me that everything in the application looks pretty good and that I passed the assessment… SWEET! He gives me a corny chuckle out of pity then let’s me know “You’re the only one I’ve had that’s actually passed it.” I laughed and then thought… I can’t be the only person who knows the difference between cargo pants and a cardigan (that’s a sweater for all you folks who couldn’t pass the assessment). The conversation ends and as I’m walking out of the store with my room mate (who was just as suprised at the manager’s satement) I’m feeling pretty confident. I’ve got a pretty good chance of getting this job. Then My room mate blurts out “maybe you were the only one who applied.” there goes all of my self confidence, right out the window.
I guess the whole point of this long drawn out story is just me wondering about the collective level of intelligence in our united states, or atleast The Gap. I used to be pretty confident in people, but, I guess age and experience are wearing down my naivety. Are people getting dumber? Maybe we need to make job assessments easier, then the unemployment rate would drop a bit.

Maybe, instead of getting smarter, we should try getting less stupid…

Don’t stop howling…
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