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Short and Sweet

December 7, 2010

Children are amazing
They can do things that would make you think they had super powers
On a daily basis we witness extraordinary feats that we only read about in comic books
Their super speed that makes them look like nothing more than a blurry trail you’ll never catch
And screams that shake the earth to the core and leave you dizzy and stupified
Or their ability to fly from the tops of jungle gyms and monkey bars
But their most powerful ability is their provocation of thought

Ive had the privelage of meeting three of the most amazing little angels
I know that sounds a bit corny
But i believe they were god sent
With halos made from glow in the dark fruit roll ups
And wings that looked like tye dye dove apendages sewn together from YMCA t-shirts

Angel number one was a four and a half year old little boy
Who could talk your ears off
His name was isaiah
And in his face i saw my past
I felt like i was looking into a three foot 6 mirror
The natural curiosity in his eyes turned the world into a giant revolving question mark
Each time u saw his eyes twinkle it was like a loaded gun cocked and aimed right between your eyes
ready to blow your mind
At one point he told me he was tired of always getting the same answer no matter what he asked
He told me it kind of hurt
When instead of being honest people would say
“Ill tell u later”
All that answer could be was another empty promise
And empty promises are just hollow tips
That blow holes in the hearts of angels
So i started to wonder
Is that what he meant when he would say
“Please, dont shoot me down”

Angel number two was a four year old little girl
With a toothless smile that shone brighter than any supernova
Her name was zoe
And in her spirit I saw my present
Zoe was special
She was the only angel I’ve ever met who had the courage to take her halo from over her head And proudly wear it across her face
From cheek to cheek there was nothing but a mile of inconsistent space she filled with courage   
The more you saw her brightly lit halo the more you would wonder what else was behind it
Here’s the catch
The harder you looked the harder she would shine
which made it virtualy impossible to find any flaw
Beside her courage was a road to generosity
Which would explain why she passed her halo on
And i pass it to you

Angel number three was a five year old little girl
With a heart big enough to build a city on
Her name was kim
And in her heart I saw my future
She had enough love in one hug to smother an elephant
And enough confidence to make the sun feel like it wasnt shining bright enough
There was something in her eyes that tugged on my heart strings
I was caught in a time warp that turned my world on its side
Like I was riding on the wings of a butterfly to the end of a rainbow and tomorrow was my pot of gold
When she smiled I could see the confidence I envied 
I felt it through her eyes
Like love bombs falling from the sky
Boom boom… Boom boom… Boom boom
Lub Dub

A curious face
A courageous smile
And a futuristic love
Were all missing pieces of the puzzle
Each piece was presented by angelic figures falling from the fifth story of heaven
And now I am more complete than I’ve ever felt
Now i say thank you
Isaiah for making me remember
Zoe for making me a smile
And Kim for helping me become

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