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December 7, 2010

It would bring tears to the eyes of a desert sky line
It made me steal a glance, double take,
Then check 1 more time just to make sure my eyes were workin rite
Because looking just once just wont satisfy me and the unjust lust I 
just discovered behind the wall of the seemingly justifiable  
reason I used for justification of the wandering eyes that just so  
happened to find their way to the most beautiful things I have ever seen
For a moment I thought I could take a glance every so often
Until I found myself totally mezmorized by this thirty-two piece ivory puzzle  
crafted by god signed sealed and sent overnight air on the wings of  
arch angels so that it arrived on Wednesday

Its like sunshine in a daydream that has no end
Or the crescent moon peeking through the stars letting you know that  
it can do more than glow
It’s kind of like the sunset being born while the sky and earth kiss
Hidden behind her lips
Is power and light so intense
That after my heart melts
It turns to mist
And floats upward forming a storm cloud over my chest
And when theres no more heart left
Love rains down
Lightning strikes
I can finally see the light
I take a Deep breath
wake up feeling refreshed
And all this from just glimpse
If only you could imagine the things that go through my head when i  
see it

Breath taking
For some reason the air feels a little thicker
I get a little dizzy like my system was overloaded with a vision
More intoxicating than a mouth full of liquor
Its kinda like a Twister
That Runs through the room sucking up everything like a vaccum with a  
Then it catches fire
Now a flamimg funnel replacing O2 with fumes my lungs arent used to
All of a sudden my lungs give out
I cant breathe
Panic sets in
I like it
Now im fueled by a flawless flashy figure only a fool would  
refuse to fall for

Weak in the knees
Choking on words
I cant even speak
Overwhelmed by the possibility that this may not be a dream
I dont even know your name
But i know in my heart
That your smile was made for me
With the same brush god used to paint the sky the earth;
Our fate

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