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My World

December 7, 2010

Welcome to My World
Things here are a little different
You could say its a bit upside down
But don’t worry, gravity hasnt changed
Ill make sure u dont float away
Here the grass is blue and the sky is green
The clouds are still white
but their made of something a little different

While the Blue grass grows under your feet the wind runs by and
together they whistle a jazzy tune for us to dance to
Or if you choose
You could poplock and groove to the music the boys on ape mountain
throw at you
while they sing about the slums and what they used to do
But ill introduce you to them later

In this world
When you enter the forest you can hear the the trees speak
They argue about politics that nobody really cares about
They used to dance too
But ever since the wind and grass started whistling a different tune
They just stopped
But now they’re rooted so deeply into their platforms that they have
lost the ability to walk
The trees now sit around with their neatly combed leaves slicked back
with sap from the stab wounds of fellow tree’s backs
Betrayal runs deep in their roots
They cross their branches and pull the bark over their eyes so all
they see is what they think we know
. . . Nothing

Past the forest is ape mountain
Where the knuckle draggers dominate
Their extra baggy fur and fitted banana hats give each one a
sense of false individuality
They prance around the mountain beating against their chests and
slapping the ground
Searching for that brand new sound
They explore the rhythm of the basses and snares they have crafted
from hollowed out trunks of the trees they openly protest against
Because the tree is always trying to keep the monkeys down
Apes go crazy in the caves sippin’ on coconuts and throwin up bananas
Its what they live for
Because there Aint no party like a primate party cuz a primate party dont stop
They leap from cliff to peak and from peak to cloud
While they all do the same dance to the beat of their own drum
Because thats all they’ve got

At the foot of ape mountain is mermaid lake
This is where the primped and pampered underwater princesses of
atlantis prance around painting their nails and putting on their one
woman parades
And Those spoiled little ladies work for nothing because daddy
poseidon is already paid
So as they swim around with nothing but water between their ears
Theyve got not a care in the world
They hold up their clam shell mirrors
To check their amorphous up-do’s that never seem to stay in one place
no matter how much hair spray they use
Who cares if it kills the fish
Its not their problem
They ride around in their pretty red orcas and cute little
convertible manitees
Making their way to the mall to buy that new oyster shell push-up that
just went on sale
They flaunt for the boys up on ape mountain and make them go bananas
Mermaids are such a tease
But finding that one mermaid that makes you happy
Is the reason you learned to swim

While the pompous trees pointlessly prattle on about politics and
The apes beat music into the skulls of the rest of the world
And the mermaids get lost in their shallow sense of self
I just sit and watch from the shoulders of my fifty foot robot
I usually sit in the cock pit behind the eyes
But today its kind of full from the thoughts I had to hide from the
sneaky alien spies
His jets start to fire and the grounds starts to shake
I clutch for cold metal as he flies away
I fall back
into reality

Just a daydream
So tell me
Whens the last time you took a vacation in your head
And let your imagination sweep you away
Try it out some time
You might be suprised
Your world might be just as warped as mine

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